A "Ministry" and a "Business"


Beloved always has to be about drawing people closer to God FIRST. In our culture, where the Word of God is banned from schools, work, and many other public places- we are aware of what an awesome opportunity we have to introduce people (who would never set foot in a church) to Jesus.


Like the Apostle Paul, we are “Tent Makers” (Ministers who work to provide their own income, as opposed to being funded by donations). The money we earn makes it possible for us to continue doing this work, and also provides for several other ministries that we support each month. 


In 2006 Gary and Michelle (now newlyweds of 30 years)
founded BELOVED on two things:

A Love of God
A Passion for His Word

They wanted to bringing His Love and His Word out to public places where people would not normally seek Him, and are not intimidated or on guard.
They set up beautiful “Mobile Boutiques” at Fairs, Festivals, Christian Concerts, Conferences, Home Shows, Farmers Markets, Swap meets, Craft shows and Malls, often traveling all across country to do so.
Over the years they have sold an every changing array of Scripture Jewelry, Casual Chic Clothing, Purses, Scarves, Hats, Original Prophetic Art....
Being where people are has given them wonderful daily opportunities to pray for hurting souls, show them love, and talk about this wonderful Jesus that they serve.
   In 2017 BELOVED started selling wholesale to other stores and businesses that want to bring encouragement and hope to their customers, but Gary and Michelle (those Gypsies for Jesus) still get the itch to hit the road from time to time, and pop up at Fairs and Festivals ready to bring light into dark places.